Janice E. Cohen M.D.
Holistic Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

I am a holistic psychiatrist and psychotherapist in San Francisco, located near the UCSF Parnassus Campus. I specialize in comprehensive, individualized, integrated care for adults and adolescents who struggle with depression, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and problems of transition and loss. 

I provide brief, intensive and more long-term psychotherapy with and without medications.  I call my general approach to psychotherapy, "insight-oriented cognitive behavioral therapy."

I also work with individuals, families and agencies with complex cases that may include severe mental illness, substance use disorders and chronic medical problems, in providing psychiatric as well as care management services.

My Approach to Care

Holistic means that I look at each client as a whole person and all aspects of their life.  Beyond the psychological and clinical domains, this may include family and social relationships, work or job, financial concerns, living situation, physical health and safety, spiritual beliefs and practices, recreational activities and creative pursuits.

Integrated and comprehensive means that I integrate all of the standard medical and pharmacological treatments with a broad range of lifestyle, nutritional, expressive, rehabilitative and complementary approaches to health and wellness.

Person-guided means that each client is responsible for guiding their own care as part of a collaborative process.  Each client defines their own goals for treatment based on their needs, strengths, and preferences -  in ways they determine are most appropriate for them.

Recovery-focused means that I strive to empower each client with the skills and supports that they need to mobilize their own personal resources and achieve their life goals. 

“Dr. Cohen is truly the best psychiatrist! She not only focuses on my emotional needs,
she actually makes sure my physical health is maintained too. It’s very hard
to find a psychiatrist that shows this kind of care.
  Jennifer F., 2008

Read more about my services and my approach to care here.

Please click on to the Testimonials page for more client feedback about their recovery experiences.

I operate on a fee-for-service basis only and do not take any insurance.  However, many of my clients have a portion of my services paid for through their out-of-network outpatient mental health benefits. My staff can provide receipts to allow reimbursement from insurance companies, whenever possible.  For more information on services and fees, please call (415) 566-6683.



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