FDA Controlled Substance Registration for all schedules current
License to practice Medicine in California current


November, 2000   Passed written board examination of the National Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

June 1997 - June 2000    University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry
General Psychiatry Residency completed June, 2000

June 1994 -96    University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry and San Francisco Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Public-Academic Liaison Research Fellow

NIMH Postdoctoral Research Fellow

June 1993 -94   University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health
Research Training Program In Financing and Service Delivery in Mental Health
NIMH Postdoctoral Research Fellow

June 1991 -92    Mount Zion Medical Center of University of California, San Francisco
Internship in Internal Medicine completed June, 1992

1985-91   University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine
M.D. awarded June, 1991

1988-89   Program in Psychiatry and the Law,  Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston
Research Intern

1981-84   City University of New York Baccalaureate Program, City College of New York
Major in Pre-Medical Studies, Minor in Jazz Composition and Voice

B.A., Summa Cum Laude awarded January, 1985 

1971-72   New School for Social Research & New York University
Audited Coursework and Independent Studies in Philosophy (Hanna Arendt/NSSR),
Political Science (Pedro Cuperman/NYU) and Economics (Steven Hymer/NSSR)

1971   School of Visual Arts, New York, New York
Coursework in Film Production and Editing

1970-71   University of Paris at Vincennes, Vincennes, France.
Audited Coursework and Independent Study in Political Science and Sociology (John Gerassi and Theodore Roszak)

1968-70 Syracuse University
Theater Arts and Journalism Major


2008 - 2015 Consulting Psychiatrist for Creating Educational and Behavioral Momentum (CBEM), an agency that provides critical intervention services for clients of the San Francisco Golden Gate Regional Center and other California Regional Centers, serving individuals and families of all ages with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

December 2003- Present  Private Practice in Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry, providing integrated individualized psychopharmacology and psychotherapy services to a diverse clientele based on best practices, consumer preferences and a recovery model, and Consultation and Care Management

May-Aug 2002   Team Psychiatrist, University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry. Client assessment and medication management for Kujichagulia Project clients, an ACT program serving adult public mental health clients in downtown San Francisco.

Dec 2001-Dec 2002  Attending Psychiatrist, San Francisco DPH,  Mental Health Rehabiliation Facility/SFGH

Psychiatric care and multidisiplinary team management (psychiatric, medical, nursing, substance disorder, rehabilitation, social work) for a caseload of 22 seriously mentally ill inpatients having an average length of stay of 9 months and an age range of 18-68 years. Responsibilities also included forensic responsibilities (conservatorship, involuntary treatment, etc.), family education and counseling, and individualized rehabilitation services.

July-Dec 2000  Clinical Instructor/Staff Psychiatrist, University of Maryland at Baltimore Medical System, Department of Psychiatry.  Medication management, psychotherapy, and team management for a caseload of 90 public adult clients.

June 1996-97   Mental Health Services Researcher,  University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry
Mini-Grant Program of the Evaluation Center @ Health Services Research Institute.

Sept. 1996   Consultant, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Rockville, MD
Independent Reviewer and Review Committee member for a Center for Mental Health Services, Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) State Reform Grant.

1986-1996   Guardian/Advocate, Boston, Massachusetts/Rockville, Maryland/New York, New York
Coordination and supervision of all medical, personal, and fiscal affairs for a severely and chronically mentally and physically disabled adult. Responsibilities included generic and intensive case management services; formal on and off-sight clinical management (e.g., service utilization and chart review, review of case summaries and writing of reports, hiring and firing of medical specialists); short and long-term estate planning including management of newly created special needs trusts; development, implementation, and oversight of short and long-term treatment plans; coordination of public and private service plans and entitlements including proactive planning for client transition from the private into the public sector; recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of clinical, financial, and legal consultants (e.g., guardians, accountants, attorneys); and legal advocacy involving litigation and special hearings before Massachusetts, New York and Maryland Probate and Circuit Courts. Supervised and directed distribution of $1.5 million in trust fund assets on behalf of client.

Jan.-May 1985   Services Director, Geri-Care, Long Island City, N.Y.
Coordinated staffing and operations for clinical services provided by mobile unit teams to elderly clients throughout the greater New York area. Supervised billing. Developed quality assurance guidelines and protocols for team operations and treatment follow-up.

1980-83   Health Education and Program Development Consultant
Designed and conducted staff and client education and training programs and provided technical assistance to: Planned Parenthood International Student Program; Women's Studies Program, SUNY, New Paltz, N.Y.; New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, N. J.; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Brooklyn College Women's Center; YWCA, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Fall 1981 Project Director, Downtown Welfare Advocate Center, New York , N.Y.
Coordinated communications, public relations and outreach for the agency's "Christmas 81" campaign involving a press conference and an inter-borough educational bus tour for local and state politicians, welfare agency representatives and members of the press.

Summer 1981 International Guest Speaker and Consultant,   Y.W.C.A, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Guest speaker, workshop leader, and program consultant for the country's first Women's Conference. Assisted Y.W.C.A. staff in the development of a women's health resource center. Assisted local health activists with work on the Nestles' Infant Formula Boycott.

1977-81 Executive Director,  Feminist Health Works, New York, N. Y.
Co-founded and administered a women's health center servicing 2500 clients and 35 agencies per year. Hired and supervised 7 full-time staff, 5 social work interns, 30 volunteers, and 3 physicians. Developed clinical protocols for the provision of the cervical cap (pre-FDA testing and approval) through FHW clinics. Designed and conducted training seminars for local physicians and providers. Designed and wrote course curricula and educational materials on women's and consumer health topics. Raised $200,000 in start-up funds and maintained an annual budget of $250,000.

Spring 1977 Public Relations Director, Tallahassee Feminist Women's Health Center
Coordinated pre-trial communications and outreach activities for the Center's Legal Defense Fund. Worked with the Center's Legal Team in case and appeals preparation.

Summer 1976 Public Relations Director,  Los Angeles Feminist Women's Health Center
Coordinated communications and outreach for a statewide political campaign. Following completion of the Center's 8-week Summer Training Institute provided pregnancy and family planning counseling and worked as clinical assistant to staff physicians during routine gynecological examinations and first trimester abortion procedures.

1972 Video Director/Producer, Community Arts Program, New York , N.Y.
Video production and training for theatrical art rehabilitation program working with residents of drug detoxification centers throughout NYC. Provided video production training and documented residents’ theatrical productions performed throughout the greater New York area. Funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York Public Theater.

1972-76 Freelance Video and Film Production
Wrote, produced, and directed educational, documentary, and training materials for the Visual Health Lab, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, N.Y.; MPO Productions, New York, N.Y.; Poor People's Development Foundation, New York, N.Y.; Hunter College, New York, N.Y.; Federation of Addiction Agencies, Brooklyn, N.Y.; American Indian Movement; New York State Department of Corrections; Living Theater Collective; Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers; United Farm Workers. Freelance film and video production on films ("The Wiz"), television specials, commercials, and videos. Awarded independent production grants for a documentary on women's health care ("Womanwise"). Produced weekly programming for the NYC Public Access Channel for several video production groups.


2003 Contributor/Editor, Mental Health Services Chapter, "Standards for Health Services in Correctional Institutions", 3rd Edition, APHA Task Force on Correctional Health Standards

1994-1997 Principal Investigator: "The Impact of Public Mental Health System Reorganization on Users of Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Services." Supported by a NASMHPD Public-Academic Liaison Research Fellowship and a grant award from the Mini-Grant Program of the Evaluation Center @ HSRI, Cambridge, MA.

1991 Co-Editor and Contributor for a "Students' Rights Focus" issue for Synapse, the UCSF student newspaper. Articles and policy recommendations covered student access to policies on students' rights; medical student abuse; student access to and confidentiality of academic records; student evaluation and grievance procedures.

1988  Cohen JE, Commons ML, and Gutheil TG: The Guardianship Performance Questionnaire. Boston: The Program in Psychiatry and the Law. This instrument was tested by application in a number of sites in the Boston area by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

1987 Author for a "Student Health Service Issue" for Synapse covers the history, quality and scope of care, and user satisfaction with the SHS. This series of articles with accompanying recommendations was solicited to prepare the student body for a referendum on options for future funding and coverage for Student Health Service programs.

1984 Research Assistant, Women’s Health Program, Columbia University Health Service, NYC Chart review and data collection for a clinical needs assessment to determine the percentage of client services requiring physician versus nurse practitioner services.

1982  Cohen JE: Chlamydia trachomatis: The STD of the Eighties? Unpublished report used by the New York City Department of Public Health in the promotion and development of a clinical screening program for their public STD clinics.

1981 Editorial and Advisory Board Member for Wolfe L: Giving Birth In New York City: A Guide To Childbirth Options. New York, N. Y.: New York Public Interest Research Group.

Dec. 1980  National Health Facility Tour of Cuba conducted with a group of health professionals
from the New York City area. Developed and conducted a slide show presentation on health care in Cuba for local organizations and agencies.

1979  Designed a Cervical Cap Study Protocol for FDA Investigational Device Exemption for the Feminist Health Works. This allowed the FHW to continue to import and provide the cervical cap while two FDA-funded clinical trials were being conducted. Approximately 200 women were fitted with the cervical cap and followed over a 18 month period under this protocol by our Principal Investigator. Data collected were never formally analyzed nor published.

1974-75 Contributing Editor for TeleVISIONS, a bimonthly magazine covering national and
international developments in cable television and video programming. Published by the Washington, D.C. Community Video Center.

1972 Cohen JE, Levine CI, Anshien CM , et al.: The Public Access Report. New York, N. Y.:
New York State Council on the Arts. A 90-page policy analysis on the development of commercial and public access cable television in New York City with recommendations for its future development. These recommendations were used by a city-wide coalition of consumers and local producers in negotiating with the NYC Office of Telecommunications for changes in cable company franchise and operational guidelines under the City Charter.


Feb., 2008 Presentation, invited speaker on the topic of psychiatry as a profession for the Medical Explorers Club, Lowell High School, San Francisco, CA.

July, 2007 Presentation/Conference on Family Violence/Conferencia Internacional sobre Violencia Familiar), sponsored by PreNatal/Arequipa, Peru, the US Peace Corps, and the De Waal Foundation. Held at the Universidad Andina Del Cusco on July 17 and the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria in Arequipa on July 31.

May, 2005 Presentation, "Beyond Fort Bragg Ensuring a Brighter Future for Youth and Young Adults in the United States" for the Second Annual Childs and Strengths Conference, Northeastern University, Chicago.

July, 2005 Presentation, "Recovery Concepts and Models in Mental Health Care: Overview and Applications" first presented as a CME program for the Laguna Hospital Clinical Education Conference for psychiatrists and mental health professionals.

April, 2004 Presentation, “Undressing the Emperor, Approaching Quality Improvement without Outcomes Management” for the 1st Annual Child Needs and Strengths Conference, Chicago.

Nov, 2004 Special Program Organizer & Speaker for the 2004 APHA Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Panel Session, “Making Public Health Whole: Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care”
with Norman Sartorius, M.D., Ph.D.

“A NIMH-hosted "New Research" Breakfast: New Findings in the Neurobiology and Epidemiology of Psychiatric Disorders” with Richard Nakamura, Ph.D. and Kathleen Merikangas, Ph.D.

“The President's New Freedom Commission Report Breakfast: A Discussion of Opportunities and Barriers to Implementation of its Findings and Recommendations” with Michael F. Hogan, Ph.D.

Presentation, “Comprehensive Quality Management Systems: Improving Outcomes for People with Psychiatic Disablities”

Regional California Symposium, “Implementing the Goals of the President's New Freedom Commission Report on Mental Health: Transforming Mental Health Care through Gainful Employment for Consumers. Co-sponsored by the California and Ohio Departments of Mental Health

June, 2003 CME Presentation, "Understanding and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices - An Overview" for the Northern California Psychiatric Society Women's Committee

April, 2003 Expert Declaration for the Petitioners, Service Employees International Union Locals 250, 535, 790, in SEIU and Dale Butler vs. City and County of San Francisco, Case 502702

May, 2000 Grand Rounds Presentation, “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Case Presentation”
University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Nov., 1998 Paper Presentation, "Recidivism as an Outcome of System Change"
Mental Health Section Panel: System Issues In Inpatient Service Use
American Public Health Association 126th Annual Meeting

March, 1998 Grand Rounds Presentation, "Recidivism as an Outcome of System Change"
University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Feb., 1997 Paper Presentation, "Quality Management Research Strategies for Public Managed Mental Health Care", Seventh National Conference on State Mental Health Agency Services Research, Program Evaluation, and Policy, sponsored by the NASMHPD Research Institute.

Oct., 1996 Guest Speaker, Current Public Managed Mental Health Care Issues for Local Counties in California, Trinity County Public Health Task Force, Trinity County, CA.

Oct., 1996 Trainer, California Consumer and Family Member Managed Care Regional Training for Bay Area Counties, Oakland, CA., sponsored by the California Institute of Mental Health and the California Department of Mental Health.

April, 1996 Invited Presentation, "The Level of Need/Care Assessment Method (LONCA): Managing Resources and Quality in Managed Public Mental Health Settings" for the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting Workshop: Defining Placement Criteria in Psychiatry.

March, 1996 Position Paper on "National Standards of Health Care for Incarcerated Persons with Mental Illness" (with Barbara Guest, M.P.H). Submitted to the American Public Health Association (APHA) on behalf of the Mental Health Section of APHA.

Oct., 1995 Symposium design and development for the American Public Health Association Mental Health and Health Administration Sections' Program for the 1995 Annual APHA Meeting (with John Kastan, Ph.D.):

"Integrating Mental Health Services Research and Public Mental Health System Design: Innovative Regional and State Strategies in the Development of Comprehensive Community-Based Systems of Care for the Severely Mentally Disabled"

"Methodological and Political Issues in Making Mental Health Services Research Relevant to Consumers and Family Members".

April, 1995 Executive Summary submitted to the San Francisco Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for a Level of Need/Care Assessment Method Demonstration Project for San Francisco adult public mental health.

March, 1995 Special Report on "Short and Long-Term Implications For Local Counties Under the California Medi-Cal Managed Care Mental Health Plan/Alternate Public Mental Health System Approaches to State-Wide Reform under Managed Care". Prepared for William DeRisi, Chief, Research and Evaluation Section, California Department of Mental Health.

1994 Testimony presented before the California Mental Health Planning Council, "The Impact of Program Realignment Legislation and Medicaid Managed Mental Health Care on the San Francisco County public mental health system".

1994 Workshop Design and Leader for a staff/consumer educational workshop on the Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) Case Management model for the San Francisco Division of Mental Health Management Team, the Housing Action Committee of the San Francisco Mental Health Association, and other community organizations.

Oct., 1994 Guest Panelist/Speaker, "The Role of Quality Management Oversight in Effective Public Mental Health Advocacy by County Mental Health Boards ", California Alliance for the Mentally Ill Annual Conference.

Oct., 1993 Special Report prepared for the San Francisco Division of Mental Health Adult Target Population Work Group on existing system eligibility criteria with recommendations for future revisions.

1993-94 Testimony presented before San Francisco County and California state governmental hearings on behalf of the mentally ill for local community groups and the S.F. Mental Health Board.

1982 Guest Lecturer/Instructor for a series of classes on Female Reproductive Health for a course offered by the School of Nursing, City College of New York, New York City.

1981 Guest Lecturer on "Women's Self-Help and Innovative Community Health Programs for Women in the US." at a National Women's Conference sponsored by the YWCA, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

1979 Guest Panelist on "Alternate Contraceptive and Abortion Technologies" for a professional
symposium sponsored by International Planned Parenthood Federation, New York City.

1978 Guest Lecturer on "Women's Self-Help" for the Women's Division of ZANU, United Nations Representative Body

from Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, United Nations, New York City.

1977 Testimony presented on "The Use of Hysterectomy as a Method of Female Sterilization in the United States" at Regional US. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Hearings on Sterilization Abuse in the USA., New York City.

1977-82 Guest Lecturer on "Female Sexual Anatomy and Response" and "Women's Self Help" for conferences and programs for: New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, N.J.; Women's Studies Department, SUNY, New Paltz; Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City; Brooklyn College Women's Center; and City College Women's Studies Department. New York City.


2004 The Mental Health Section of the American Public Health Association Mental Health Section Award "For Excellence in the Field of Mental Health"

2000 The American College of Psychiatrists’ Laughlin Fellowship “In recognition of outstanding leadership and significant achievements as a resident in Psychiatry”

1999 Research Fellowship Awards from the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration, the RISP program of the NASMHPD Research Institute, and the Center for Mental Health Services Research at University of Maryland at Baltimore funded a four month elective to work on papers for journal publication.

1996 American Public Health Association Mental Health Section Award "For outstanding contribution to Development of Policy Resolutions"

1995 Research grant award from the Mini-Grant Program of the Evaluation Center @ HSRI

1994 National Institute of Mental Health Research Service Award Recipient (NASMHPD)

1993-94 National Institute of Mental Health Research Service Award Recipient (UC Berkeley)

1986 American Jewish Women's Foundation Scholarship Recipient

1984 City College of New York Alumni Fund Scholarship Recipient

1974-77 Awarded production grants for "Womanwise" from the Experimental Television Laboratory, Binghampton, N. Y.; Young Filmmakers, New York City; The Playboy Foundation; WFSU Television, Tallahassee, Florida; Los Angeles Feminist Women's Health Center; Brooklyn College Television Center.


American Public Health Association
2001-2003 Chair Mental Health Section
1997-2001 Co-Chair Mental Health Section Policy Committee
1996-1998 Secretary Mental Health Section
1993-present Member Mental Health Section & MH Section Policy Committee
1976-86 Member Women's Caucus
American/Maryland/California/Northern California Psychiatric Association
1997-2003 Member

SF/California/National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
1987-2002 Member

University of Maryland at Baltimore, Department of Psychiatry
1997-2000 Steering Committee, State/University Interdisciplinary Collaboration Project
Funded by the Center for Mental Health Services

1997-1999 Mentorship Seminar Participant, Baltimore-Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis

Sept-Dec 1998 Participant, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Family-to-Family Educational Program

California Committee for Quality Managed Care
1996-1997 Co-founder/Member

National Women's Health Network
1977-present Member

Mental Health Board of San Francisco City and County
1993-95 Family Member
Liaison to the Quality Improvement Committee, SF Division of Mental Health
Chair, Cluster & System Oversight Committee
Member, Executive Committee

San Francisco Coalition for Public Health
1993-94 Steering Committee

UCSF Medical School

1990-91 Co-founder and President Student Rights Committee
1986-88 Student Representative Student Health Service Advisory Committee
1986-87 President Committee for Health Rights in Central America
1987-88 Founding Member Vocal Cords, a UCSF student vocal ensemble

City College of New York

1982-84 Student Representative Student Health Services Committee

New York Public Interest Research Group
1981-84 Student Member

American Medical Association
1987-91 Student Member

American Medical Student Association
1987-91 Member

Committee for Abortion Rights and Against Sterilization Abuse
1978 Co-Founder, Steering Committee Member

Feminist Health Works
1977-81 Executive Director
1981-83 Board of Directors

Project Open Doors, New York, N. Y.
1977-80 Steering Committee Represented a coalition of 38 New York City non-profit community agencies in preparing, negotiating and managing a $3 million federal CETA Title VI contract for public service programming in the New York City area.

National Cable Television Association
1973-74 Regional Representative for the Association of Northeast Regional Independent Producers

The Public Access Report Group
1972-73 Steering Committee Represented New York City's independent video producers in negotiations with City agencies and cable companies.

New York Women's Video Collective, West Side Video Alliance and New York Video News
1971-74 Member/Videographer/Producer/Director


Excellent writing, editing, and verbal communication skills. Proficiency or experience with Macintosh and PC formats word processing, reference, communications, and spread sheet software. Experience with SAS statistical software and programming. Experience with study design, data integration and management and statistical analyses with Health Management Information System databases.

References and writing samples provided upon request.

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